These Arcane characters could appear on Summoner’s Rift. They fit perfectly

Arcane fans would love to see these heroes appear in League of Legends.

On Sunday, the premiere of the long-awaited animated series by Riot Games took place. The production tells the story of the sisters – Vi and Jinx, and the inhabitants of Piltover and its suburb – Zaun. The series deals with many difficult issues, so there is no shortage of moving or bloody scenes.

So far, the community could get to know 3 episodes of the production, and more will appear next Sunday. For over 2 hours of the screening, many interesting heroes appeared on the screen, including those who are not on Summoner’s Rift. Of course, during the episodes, we could see little Vi and Jinx, Viktor in human form or young Caitlyn and Jayce. Fans would like something more, however, and focused on side characters that they think are equally interesting and could be great as League of Legends champions.

Przypominamy, że informacje o dramach nie zawierają żadnych opinii, przedstawiają jedynie fakty, cytaty i streszczenia tego, co mówią obie strony.

The following article contains spoilers for the first three episodes of the Arcane animated series. [/ drama]

Interesting heroes of the series


Of all the new characters introduced in Arcane, Deckard seems to be the best candidate for a new LoL hero. Viewers will get to know him already in the middle of the first episode, when as an ordinary boy he accosts Vi and her friends. He quickly fails in a fight, but his story does not end with this brief event.

Deckard returns at the end of the first episode and plays a large role in the third episode. After taking the mysterious serum that Silco gave him, the boy turns into a real monster that can kill an adult human with one blow.

The toxin transformation theme seems really fitting for the Summoner’s Rift heroes who hail from Zaun. Some fans imagine that Deckard could go through different mutations as the game progresses or possess abilities based on toxins and rising rage. He could also change the form between regular and mutant because, as you know from the scenes from the series, it is possible.


Maybe the name doesn’t say much, but it is owned by one of the members of the council that judged Jayce after it turned out that he was doing forbidden experiments in magic. Bolbok is a truly mysterious figure. His speech is short, although during this time the character utters interesting words: “The arcane is the curse of our world. My race was almost destroyed by them.” So it is not known who exactly he is, but one thing is for sure – he and those like him are very much against magic.

It must be admitted that Bolbok stands out from other members of the council and the robotic race would be an interesting diversion to the plot. Although Blitzcrank is already in the game, it is impossible not to notice that this is a different type of hero. Bolbok would be closer to Viktor, but he would disgust magic and everything related to it. So you might guess that this would be an AD champion who might have a shield to protect him from spells.

Mel Medarda

Mel is a character that most people know very well because she appeared on the posters promoting the series. You can get to know the heroine during the second episode, just before the start of the council meeting. Already during the first dialogue, you can hear that Mel has become the richest person from Piltover.

In addition, the woman emphasizes that she would like the city to become recognizable all over the world. She wants to invent something revolutionary. This theme returns in another scene when Mel catches Viktor and Jayce. Even though the two are doing something illegal, Medarda does not notify the guards, and you can see that she believes the heroes may discover something significant that will change the fate of the city.

Fans of the series have repeatedly emphasized that Mel is one of the most beautiful characters whose design is remembered. The woman is elegant, but also has an interesting character, which makes you want to know her further fate. Since the character believes in revolutionary inventions, she could use weapons related to Hextech technology on Summoner’s Rift.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the interesting characters that appeared in the first three episodes of Arcane. Many other interesting faces could be seen on the screen. Some character designs turned out to be so interesting that one shot was enough for fans to remember the person.

A good example is the old Yordle that could be seen in the first episode. Soon after the episode’s premiere, a fan concept for this character was created as the heroine of Summoner’s Rift – Arcane fans want this character to appear in League of Legends. Great concept of one of the players

So far, only 3 episodes of the series have been revealed and it can be expected that the next episodes will bring a lot of emotions, and fans will be able to meet more than one interesting hero.