A collection of great fan-themed skin concepts from League of Legends. Which one looks the best?

One of the artists has prepared over 30 fan skins concepts from LoL. There is a lot to look at.

League of Legends fans who create skin and champion concepts are undoubtedly very creative. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how good the ideas the players have. According to some, their works are much more interesting than those from Riot, and more than once the community asked for a specific fan skin to appear in the game.

Most artists create skins for LoL from time to time or have only one work related to the game in their gallery. People who take on the challenges of the daily skin throughout the month deserve special attention. This means not only working every day but also a real show of creativity – after all, the more heroes present during the challenge, the better.

One of the fans collected his works from the entire month and presented them in the form of several graphics. The whole thing is very impressive and we have to admit – the creator has come up with a lot of amazing skins. Which one looks the best?

Over 30 ideas for skins from LoL

Spirit Blossom Akali, Star Guardian Teemo, Kitty Yuumi, and Demon Jinx are just a few examples from the entire list. The author has tried to create concepts for really diverse characters, so you can easily find something for yourself among the works.

The concepts include not only well-known and recognizable series such as Elderwood, Blood Moon, K/DA, or Dark Star, but also niche and already a bit forgotten ones. Regardless of which series the fan skin appeared from, most of them look really good.

The author of the graphics is William “Toka” Moiriat, an artist from France. He has a lot of work on League of Legends and other games.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas and you can see that the author put a lot of work into them. Probably some of them would look great on Summoner’s Rift.