Presentation of the latest Soul Fighters skins from League of Legends – Samira, Sett, Pyke, and more

The developers have unveiled new cosmetic additions related to the Soul Fighter series. What do the individual splash artists look like?

League of Legends players finally got to see the reveal of the appearance of the new Soul Fighter universe, which will be coming to the game on the occasion of this summer’s event.

It will be happening, as the event includes several titles from Riot – the aforementioned LoL, Wild Rift, TFT, and Legends of Runeterra. What do the different skins and their splash artists look like?

Soul Fighters skins in League of Legends

On the occasion of the summer event in LoL, quite a few new skins will come to the game, including as many as two prestige editions and a new super skin. As announced, Samira will receive the ultimate, and Shaco and Pyke – prestige versions. This is the full list of cosmetic additions that will be added to League of Legends this vacation:

  • Soul Fighter Samira (ultimate),
  • Soul Fighter Viego (legendary),
  • Soul Fighter Naafiri,
  • Soul Fighter Shaco + prestige version,
  • Soul Fighter Pyke + prestige version,
  • Soul Fighter Sett,
  • Soul Fighter Lux,
  • Soul Fighter Jhin,
  • Soul Fighter Gwen.

A graphic promoting the event:

Presentation of in-game skins:


Splash art

Some splash art of upcoming skins have been made available for this moment. Among them, you can find Ultimate Samira or both versions of Pyke – regular and prestige.

Soul Fighter Samira

Soul Fighter Naafiri

Soul Fighter Pyke

Soul Fighter Pyke – Prestige Edition

Soul Fighter Lux

Soul Fighter Sett