Big holiday gaming event from Riot Games – Soul Fighter in LoL, Wild Rift and more

The highly anticipated 2v2v2v2 mode, many new skins and more – what does the latest Soul Fighter event look like?

The time has come to reveal the details of the summer event, which is the most important and biggest event of the year. However, LoL developers are not limited to their most popular game. They have prepared attractions that will hit as many as 4 titles. Among them, you can find new modes, cosmetic additions, hero launches, and more.

The event will begin as early as July 20, 2023.

Soul Fighter in League of Legends

This summer will see the arrival of an event whose content inspired by the adrenaline and competitive intensity known from brawlers will heat up gameplay in League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra.

The alternate universe that Soul Fighter takes place within immerses players in a colorful and diverse world where competitors fight to prove themselves through combat on the world’s biggest stage, the “Tournament of Souls”. The tournament is a competition hosted by the mysterious God’s Eye where fighters with extraordinary abilities battle it out until there is only one standing.


“We’re really excited for the range of different experiences across the League of Legends ecosystem that make up the Soul Fighter event,” said Andrei van Roon, Head of League Studio. “Arena, Soul Brawl, and Tag Duel will let players experience League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Wild Rift, respectively, in new ways that we think bring something really fresh to the table. We can’t wait to see what players think once they get their hands on them.”
Players will get to experience all the action in the Soul Fighter event across four titles.


League of Legends

The most popular game from Riot Games will feature a lot of new features that have been announced for several months.

  • New game mode: Arena, or the long-advertised 2v2v2v2 game mode.
    • The mode involves four teams of two players each fighting in successive rounds. After each round, the teams benefit from unique upgrades. Four different arenas will be available, which vary in theme and size. During the matches, characters from the Soul Fighter universe will appear in episodic roles, acting to the advantage or disadvantage of the players.
  • Champion Launch: Naafiri the Hound of a Hundred Bites
  • Pojawi się przepustka wydarzenia Duchowego Wojownika 2023, a wraz z nią nowe skórki:
    • Soul Fighter Samira (ultimate),
    • Soul Fighter Viego (legendary),
    • Soul Fighter Naafiri,
    • Soul Fighter Shaco + prestige version,
    • Soul Fighter Pyke + prestige version,
    • Soul Fighter Sett,
    • Soul Fighter Lux,
    • Soul Fighter Jhin,
    • Soul Fighter Gwen.
  • In-Client Metagame Experience: Tournament of Souls
    • Players take on the role of Samira and will earn reputation by playing matches in LoL. Earned reputation will allow players to meet new opponents and unlock new skills for Samira to continue her participation in the tournament. The goal of the tournament is to defeat all ten opponents. Players can collect rewards and unlock difficulty levels after each victory.

Teamfight Tactics

TFT will also receive unique additions and attractions.

  • New chibi heroine in two versions:
    • Chibi Gwen,
    • Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen (mythical).
  • New arena – Tournament of Souls.
  • A new species of Little Legend: Khaat’Sai.
  • Soul Fighter event pass.
  • New Game Mode: Soul Brawl
    • Much like Fortune’s Favor during Lunar Gala at the start of this year, Soul Brawl is a temporary game mode coming to Teamfight Tactics as part of the Soul Fighter event. This game mode takes place across two stages; Training phase, where players compete for Soul Power that will strengthen their Soul Crown and provide additional loot options, and Tournament phase, where players will be eliminated in a best-of-three bracket tournament.
  • ln-Client Narrative Experience (TFT Exclusive)
    • Alongside the game mode is the in-client narrative experience, The Choncc Dome. Here, Champions and Tacticians team up to prepare for the Tournament of Souls. The Choncc Dome marks the first time a TFT in-client experience has been brought to mobile platforms, and the first time an Event has had an exclusive Pass+!

Wild Rift

Mobilna wersja League of Legends otrzyma następujące atrakcje:

  • New Game Mode: Tag Duel
    • Tag Duel is a new game mode that pits players against each other in one-on-one combat. Each player will select three champions before entering combat, which can be seamlessly swapped between when off cooldown, leading to all sorts of combos previously only possible with teammates. The first player to reach four kills will emerge victorious.
  • Champion Launch: Nilah the Joy Unbound
  • Skins: Soul Fighter Nilah, Soul Fighter Draven, Soul Fighter Yasuo, Soul Fighter Irelia and Soul Fighter Xin Zhao, and Soul Fighter Draven (Special Edition)
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass
  • In-Client Narrative Experience (WR Exclusive)
    • Players will experience an original story set within the world of Soul Fighter, which is primarily told through the eyes of Draven and Yasuo as they battle in the Tournament of Souls and venture into the Lands Beyond. Players will progress through a visual novel, which also features minigame combat that will test their speed and accuracy, by playing matches of Wild Rift. By progressing through the event, players will be rewarded with tokens, which can be spent on various items in the event shop, and unlock Arcade Mode. In Arcane Mode, players will get to play through a series of minigames as their favorite Soul Fighter champion, earn an exclusive emote, and more.

Legends of Runeterra

The summer event will not miss the card game from Riot Games, which will feature the following attractions:

  • “Legends of Runeterra”, the award-winning digital card game, brings a new event pass and cosmetics to the battlefield.
    • Skins: Soul Fighter Nidalee (Epic), Soul Fighter Viego (Epic), Soul Fighter Sett (Epic), Soul Fighter Samira (Rare), Soul Fighter Jhin (Rare), Soul Fighter Gwen (Rare), Soul Fighter Pyke (Rare) and Soul Fighter Evelynn
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass
  • New Emotes & Cardbacks

From July 20 to August 28, Riot will contribute 20% of proceeds from Soul Fighter Samira, the Soul Fighter Event Pass, and all related bundle sales in League of Legends to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, a donor advised fund account sponsored by ImpactAssets. Here’s everything that qualifies:
  • Soul Fighter Samira (skin only)
  • Unmatched Bounty Hunter Bundle
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass Bundle
In celebration of the Soul Fighter event, Riot Games is also proud to present Soul Fighter: Fight Night, a broadcast experience featuring 16 content creators who will compete both in- and out-of-game for the chance to win the title of Fight Night Champion. The event will be hosted in Los Angeles, California, and livestreamed on Twitch on Monday, July 17 at 6:00PM PT. Stay tuned for more details on Riot Games’ official channels.