Ciri is coming to Fortnite. Superstyles and other cosmetic items in 25.10 update

A new update, labeled 25.10, takes place today, and so far it doesn’t look very impressive.

As for the new cosmetic items in this update, they are not convincing at this point. Leakers are yet to discover what’s inside the patch, but of the skins, only a summer version of one of the well-known skins can be seen.

The most important news for now is that Ciri’s skin will enter the game.

Its appearance, unfortunately, is not yet known at this point.

New superstyles

What is known is the appearance of superstyles. In general, it is also worth mentioning that Epic employees are going on vacation soon. They will be gone from July 3 to 17.

There are some new items, but the skins are not visible so far. There are new items:


Map changes:



And, of course, many smaller changes that will be included in the description of the update.