How to claim a free backpack for Fortnite. You need to eliminate 50 people

Epic is again holding a special event where you can grab a unique and, importantly, free backpack.

Such initiatives are not uncommon, so no one should somehow be particularly surprised. All you have to do is eliminate a total of 50 people, which does not seem to be somehow particularly complicated. Of course, due to the fact that this is a community battle, the whole thing takes place on a specially prepared map.

Free backpack in Fortnite

Obtaining a backpack is not any particularly difficult. As Epic itself writes:

  • Log into the Fortnite Community Battles website with your Epic account. This allows your progress in the challenge to be tracked.

  • Enter the Space Battle Ultima island made by creator Prudiz. (Island code: 2755-0816-9868)
  • Eliminate 50 opponents on the Space Battle Ultima island cumulative across gameplay sessions. (Please note that the eliminations of Characters are not accounted for.)
  • Be rewarded with the in-game Winged Cavalry Back Bling!
  • This edition of Fortnite Community Battles will be live until June 22, 4:00 AM ET.

The backpack is pretty cool, so a lot of people will be interested in it. All in all, there is 5 days to complete it, so there’s still plenty of time. Certainly, it will not be an incentive to download the new season, but to enter the game.