You’ll never guess why Epic had to disable all banana items in Fortnite

Epic decided yesterday to disable selected cosmetic items. This is a result of the way people have been using them.

A list of blocked cosmetic items that can’t be used in competitive modes was released yesterday. Epic has a difficult case to resolve, as a total of dozens of different cosmetic items are involved.

At the moment, they’ve only been disabled in competitive modes, but if that doesn’t help, there’s a chance they’ll be disabled everywhere else as well. What’s worse, this includes any banana-related items.

Disabled items in Fortnite

This information is confirmed by the most popular leakers in the world.

Okay, but what is the reason for this? It’s about a trend on TikTok in which players used ban-related items to make fun of black people, at least in theory. These items were used after the person using the black skins was eliminated.

No, this is not a joke. Epic had to react and shut down items. What will happen next is completely unknown.