Free Fortnite backpack from Nike for 10 minutes of play. What you need to know

As announced, there was a new collaboration in Fortnite, through which you can get at least a special backpack.

Unfortunately, Epic was not tempted to release shoes with Nike, all limited to a special island and joint promotion of brands.

Epic is touting this heavily, of course, but what it boils down to is that you get a backpack for 10 minutes of play on the island, and new cosmetic items in themes designed to resemble Nike have been added to the store.

How to get a free backpack in Fortnite

To get the backpack, enter the island with this code:


And play it for at least 10 minutes. The time is until June 27, 8 am. This gets you the backpack, while Epic’s standard warning is that the time to get the backpack can be quite long.

This backpack is a shoe, it’s as if one wonders if it really is. If you want a Nike shoe on your back, you might be tempted to play along, although all in all, just go in, go make yourself a cup of coffee and come back to the computer in a while.