A female streamer plays games in this position. The same one who cried that she was forced to do so

Remember the action with the crying streamer who lamented to the whole world that she was being forced to stream pools?

It’s not the case that Amouranth streams only pools. While it’s still her main content, she occasionally plays new games as well. As if anyone didn’t know her, she lamented a few months ago that she was forced to do so.

Now no one is forcing her, but basically, nothing has changed. Pools are still broadcast, interrupted occasionally by games. And so Amouranth, on the occasion of the launch, decided to play a currently popular production in the form of Diablo.

Female streamer plays games

We’ve seen really quite a few strange positions in which female streamers broadcast. One of the more abstract ones looked like this:


It would be hard to play that way, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a body positioning that, in theory, complies with Twitch’s rules and at the same time attracts viewers’ eyes. Looking at the statistics, Amouranth does it quite well:


So much so that she is one of the more eagerly watched streamers broadcasting Diablo. Of course, it’s more a way to break into other categories than the pool ones and gain more viewers. Just throw in some gestures here, like:


And the recipe for spectators is ready. When some streamers are thinking about putting a mirror behind them, others do not calculate and simply do their own thing.

And such a position is suitable for any game. Thanks to this, new viewers are gained in categories where you are unlikely to see streamers positioned in this way:


Since it works, it’s not stupid. However, it’s not as if the streamer continues to be TOP when it comes to TTV. Her position is declining month by month, though, among other things, due to fewer broadcasts.

Next, on the other hand, is a 5.9 thousand average audience, so you can’t say her career is ending.