Did Google violate its own terms of service? As many as 80% of illegal ads

Google has decided to respond to allegations from a study that purported to confirm that as many as 80% of ads violate their own TOS.

A recent study found that as many as 80% of Google’s ads violate their own terms of service. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal itself in its report on the subject.

The research was conducted by “Adalytics,” a company that professionally analyzes online ads, and the results were publicly disclosed. The audit revealed how Google places video ads on sites without meeting its own established standards.

Is Google breaking its own TOS?

The result of the study has reportedly led many companies that have bought ad space from Google to already demand a refund. According to a report shared on WSJ, ads from brands such as Samsung, Johnson&Johnson, and Disney+ have been placed on sites that do not meet Google’s criteria.

Various government agencies, such as the U.S. Army, Medicare, and the Social Security Administration, are also reportedly affected.


The WSJ report also included a statement from Google, which claims the study is poorly done and the conclusions unreliable. Google says the study “contains many claims that are inaccurate and do not reflect how they keep advertisers safe.”

In addition, the company says it regularly removes ads from sites that violate their policies, and will even take steps to release a full report that addresses this.

Google has not yet granted refunds to AdSense buyers affected by violations of its own standards, but a number of statements from customers seeking refunds have been submitted to WSJ. It’s worth knowing that the sums could be huge. After all, ads account for 58% of the company’s total revenue – as much as $162 billion in 2022.