A popular YouTuber known for FIFA arrested by police

The public arrest of a popular streamer. What happened?

A streamer with the nickname JMX, also known as jmxfifa or simply Joel Morris, was arrested on June 24 at the Royal Ascot Races – at one of the UK’s largest horse racing tracks. The YouTuber at this point boasts 2.4 million subscribers – so it should have surprised no one that he was recognized and recorded at the time of his arrest.

The arrest of popular YouTuber

In the late hours of June 24, a TikTok was published showing JMX being escorted by police to a police car.


Officers at Ascot Racecourse arrested a 25-year-old man yesterday on charges of drunkenness and disorderly conduct in a public place. He has since been released from custody and fined.

The Internet creator has thus already been released, but a fine was imposed on him for disorderly conduct.