Twitch streamers buy a Lada. A rather unusual twist on a test drive

Russian streamers decided to buy a Lada. To do so, they took a test drive, during which not everything necessarily went as expected.

Russia is a different state of mind, in even such trivial things as buying a car show. The streamers went for a test drive in the car they intended to purchase. Or at least that’s what the context of the situation suggests.

During the test drive, the steering wheel was left in the streamer’s hands because he “was supposed to turn, not pull the steering wheel towards himself.” It’s hard to even imagine the situation, but best of all, hardly anyone there was surprised.

And the steering wheel stayed in streamer’s hands

You can laugh, but imagine such a situation while driving on the highway, although in Russia it can be a problem.


Completely different standards, but this is not surprising. In recent months, probably everyone has learned far more about the state of Russia than they wanted or intended. It has emerged that it is a very severely backward country that doesn’t necessarily handle basic things.