Did you know that TikTok has secret emoticons? How to get them?

It turns out that TikTok has its own emoji that only a handful of people know about.

Emojis of all kinds are already somewhat of a standard when it comes to social media. In years past, many platforms offered their own versions of emoticons, such as Facebook, which changed and improved their design every now and then.

Interestingly, TikTok still hasn’t given up on the concept of having its own emoji, but only a handful of users are aware that such a thing exists at all. Everyone usually uses the standard emoji built into the phone system, and it turns out that the platform offers its own secret emoticons.

Secret emoticons on TikTok. How to get them?

Here, emotions do not need to be unlocked in any way at all. You just need to type the appropriate phrases in the text box to get them. However, you need to know what to type in order for a given emoji to appear.

Emotions on TikTok have easy-to-enter codes. All you have to do is type the appropriate code into the text field, and the emoji of your choice will appear in its place.

Emotes are divided into two different variants. To use them, you need to enter the following codes:

Option #1:

  • [smile] [happy] [angry] [cry] [embarrassed] [surprised] [wronged] [shout] [flushed] [yummy] [complacent] [drool] [scream] [weep] [speechless] [funnyface] [laughwithtears] [wicked] [facewithrollingeyes] [sulk] [thinking] [lovely] [greedy]

Option #2:

  • [wow] [joyful] [hehe] [slap] [tears] [stun] [cute] [blink] [disdain] [astonish] [rage] [cool] [excited] [proud] [smileface] [evil] [angel] [laugh] [pride] [nap] [loveface] [awkward] [shock]

The codes are not difficult to remember, you just need to use square brackets and type the chosen emoticon name. You can also save all the variations to yourself somewhere in a notepad so that you can easily copy the name and that’s it. Certainly, the use of these emoji will be curiosity for people who never knew about this option on TikTok before.