Twitch CEO answers the most common question about Kick

Twitch’s CEO has been streaming for some time, although it doesn’t necessarily work out well for him. Now, however, he has actually “made himself useful” for something.

Many people believe outright that Kick is making money for Twitch. The CEO decided to respond to this, and according to him, in the simplest line, this is not the case. This is no surprise, since Kick makes money for Amazon, not Twitch, but such an answer was apparently enough for people:


AWS, the topic in question, according to the CEO, is not part of Twitch, so it can’t be said that Kick is giving cash to Twitch.

But that’s not all

According to what Twitch’s CEO says, all of TTV is excited about the continued career of xQc, who just now moved on to Kick. It looks a bit like words for show, because Twitch internally must be really bewildered by what’s going on.


Is Twitch completely unconcerned about what is happening in relation to Kick? This is unlikely, looking at the subsequent moves made by Kick. The service has adopted a very interesting tactic in the form of transferring traffic from TTV to itself. And this is something no one has tried before, at least not on this scale.