Twitch streamer shows off new oil meta. This time on a different part of the body

It seems to be another limit tested. After oiling up the “front parts of the body” it is time for the back parts.

One day was enough for the clip showing the “new meta” to gain more than 93,000 views. There is nothing in it that you would not expect from Twitch. According to the rules and regulations, everything is pretty much ok in this case, although it’s a bit like testing of the platform’s limits.

Applying body oils to oneself is not a novelty on Twitch. Some streamers had to move to Kick because of it, because at one point TTV considered it excessive and simply banned them.

“New meta” on Twitch

It’s hardly new, although it’s the first time this type of clip has made such a splash.


In theory, the streamer wants to get a better tan, and the oil is supposedly only for “health” purposes. On the other hand, anyone who tans knows that this type of solution is just incredibly inconvenient to use, and it’s better to already bet on something that doesn’t stick so much.


And so the streamer lying backwards is watched by up to 2,600 people in peak. How to make a fast career? Well, just like this.

Up to 2,600 viewers in a few months will be something unattainable for many people. And here you go.