Kick does it very cleverly. You won’t notice until someone tells you that

Many people are wondering how Kick intends to make money. Here’s the answer.

Kick will promote its core business, which could be problematic in the long run. The platform has already been banned in Greece for promoting “unauthorized services.”

Strona, która jest firmą matką Kicka, jest nie tylko zbanowana na Twitchu, ale także ogólnie w Polsce. Znajduje się w rejestrze stron zablokowanych, a choćby wspomnienie o niej może rodzić problemy.

But Kick is doing something very clever

Kick is going to promote its core business and is already doing so in a very clever way. No one pays attention to it, but the recommended streams are not at all random. The list of recommended channels always looks the same.

And this is not about streamers. Those are changing. However, always position three and position five are filled by someone who plays the same category – you’ve already guessed what category.


It makes sense. It’s not too intrusive, but it pushes people who stream specific content very hard. Strange? Not really, because, after all, Kick doesn’t need to make money from external ads. It’s enough that it promotes the parent company in one way or another.