Twitch streamer drinks like this to specifically wet her blouse to show “arguments”

Surprisingly – it works, and Twitch has not responded despite the passage of several hours.

This case is interesting for several reasons. In theory, it’s a guaranteed suspension, because parts of the body that shouldn’t be are made visible. On the other hand, the streamer seemingly “accidentally” got doused, simply by drinking a beverage.

Of course, there is no coincidence here, and it was all done on purpose. But Twitch didn’t react and probably won’t do so again. Although bans happen even months after the incident in question.

Female streamer douses herself with water

One could be deluded into thinking that this is a coincidence, but we’ve watched too much Twitch already. And so the streamer takes a sip of water and spills it all over herself. Even the first time it could be considered a coincidence, but the second and third time it is no longer necessarily so.

Of course, on the occasion of this, her “arguments” become apparent. And this is where the problem with the regulations comes in. An accidental spill would be unlikely to result in a block, although this also depends on the person reviewing and evaluating the application. But in this case…


A link for a friend asking for one – CLICK. It’s pretty much a fixed point on her streams, but this was the first time she was in such a blouse. Before that, it was more secure:


Other than that, she’s just a pool streamer who sometimes shows up at the beach, sometimes at the gym, sometimes doing yoga. It’s kind of a standard package:


The streamer at this point is watched by more than 19 thousand people.