Andrew Tate’s return to streaming attracted 430,000 viewers

The highly anticipated return of Andrew Tate was followed by 430,000 people on Rumble.

After being arrested on human trafficking charges, controversial social media personality Andrew Tate is now under house arrest, having been released from prison.

Ahead of any resolution of the pending case, controversial social media personality Andrew Tate is back streaming. The highly anticipated return brought staggering numbers, reaching just over 430,000 simultaneous viewers on Rumble.

What is the Rumble? It’s a platform that is something different from Kick or Twitch. It relies more on specific individuals and their programs rather than continuous broadcasts, although of course there are some.

Return of the celebrity

Despite nearly half a million viewers making it one of the largest live broadcasts on the Rumble this year, it failed to make it into the top 20 most watched streams, comparing it to those of YouTube or Twitch.

In the broadcast, titled “Emergency meeting – counter-attack,” Tate and his brother Tristan discussed their unwavering worldviews, jail time, and possible re-arrest.

At one point in the stream, there was an unexpected power outage at Tate’s home, prompting a flurry of theories and conspiracies. Some viewers deemed it a “Matrix attack” designed to silence the brothers.

The platform responsible for the broadcast described the event as a huge technological leap. Although Rumble acknowledged that the servers in the US had no problems, some viewers from around the world reported that the stream at their place lagged. However, the post says that the communication problems did not come directly from the platform, but from some internet providers who could not keep up with such a large broadcast.

It’s hard to take this seriously in the face of Twitch’s, Youtube’s, or Kick’s records. It’s also unclear whether it’s possible to talk about any viewbots here since these are obviously already appearing on the platform.