Twitch streamer scores a slip-up and shows too much. The risky outfit didn’t pay off

One of the girls knew that this could happen, so she wanted to change her clothes. But she didn’t make it in time.

One of the streamers scored a classic slip-up that will stay with her forever. Rather, she wasn’t particularly concerned about it because of her general activity online, but the clip gained quite a bit of popularity before being deleted.

Is this a way to break out? Perhaps, because the streamer was well aware of what was coming. She covered up for about 2 minutes until she came to the conclusion that it was better to simply change her outfit to avoid risking a ban.

A female streamer scores a slip-up

The mishap is downright textbook. Anyway, it was to be expected, since the streamer’s outfit looked like this:


The streamer apparently knew it wasn’t very safe, while she showed too much when standing up. So much so that she will probably be temporarily banned for it. For a friend (2:20 approximately) – click.

These types of offenses are somehow not particularly punished. Most often girls get banned for 24 hours, sometimes 3 days, and at most rarely for 7 or 30. Thanks to this, female streamers often gain recognition, especially after several such slip-ups in short intervals. Does it work? Both yes and no. Maybe those 2 years ago people paid attention to it, today there is so much of it that it rarely translates into actually increased viewership.