xQc was already close to being banned on Kick. Not even a few days had passed and a mod had to intervene

Of course, xQc would not have been permanently banned for this, but indeed the streamer moments after switching to Kick was already close to getting banned.

In fact, it is not known what xQc had in his mind when the streamer came up with the idea to watch The Dark Knight during the broadcast. All in all, Felix had watched it for more than an hour when Kick’s moderator appeared in the chat.

This one wrote to xQc to turn off the video. Obviously, it was a DMCA violation. All in all, it’s strange that xQc even came up with the idea of streaming it normally, but it happened.

There would be a ban on Twitch

If something like this had happened on Twitch, then practically certainly xQc would have been temporarily banned. On Kick, this did not happen, but there was certainly a conversation about it behind the scenes.

Kick has to adhere to the rules governing copyright mainly for the sake of the mobile app and the desire to keep it on the App Store. Of course, it is also simply a matter of not conflicting with the law.


A situation surely classified as the funny one, after all, we’re talking about Kick’s latest acquisition, which has already had problems with the regulations. And it hasn’t even been a week yet since the official transition to the green platform.