A female streamer kisses another. The result? The most popular clip of the week on Twitch

Streamers decided to kiss each other during the broadcast. That was enough to make it the most popular clip of the week.

Twitch has banned similar behavior before, but this time nothing like that happened after four days. In total, the clips have 280,000 and 165,000 views each.

Both girls are popular streamers, and that’s basically why it generated so much excitement. These views have made it the most popular clip of the week in the “Just Chatting” category at this point.

Kissing streamers

There is nothing more here than the kiss itself. One streamer with the other teased a bit, but in the end, there was a kiss.

One streamer has 1 million followers on Twitch, the other a little less, but it’s still 459,000 people.


Is this some kind of amazing? Rather not, just two people kissing each other. But we’re talking about popular people here. Otherwise, it would be one of many similar clips of this kind.