The LoL animated series – Arcane – wins all the Annie Awards for which it has been nominated

Riot Games can boast of prestigious Annie awards on its account.

The animated series from Riot in cooperation with Netflix premiered a few months ago and remained on the lips of players for a very long time. From the ratings that were obtained by Arcane, it is known that the series appealed not only to League of Legends fans but also to ordinary Netflix audiences.

It turns out that it was also appreciated by the International Animated Film Association because the series won as many as 9 Annie awards. They were all for which the series was nominated right after its premiere.

Arcane wins Annie Awards

First, it is worth explaining what the Annie Awards actually are. This is a film award given to animated projects and their creators. In addition to the categories for animated feature films, Annie Awards also include TV animation, which includes short and feature films for children, as well as cartoons for adult audiences and animated commercials.

To show the importance of awards of this type, it is worth mentioning that the nominations include titles created by Netflix or The Walt Disney Company, and – as you know – Disney has been recognized as the king of animation for years.

A few months ago, the developers published information in their social media that they had been nominated for 9 awards. Now, after the official results are announced, we know that they managed to get them all.

The creators of the animated series managed to win in categories not only related to the animation itself, but also those related to characters, voice actors, and even the script. Here are all the prizes that Riot Games and Netflix have won in:

  • Best TV/Media – General Audience
  • Best FX – TV/Media
  • Best Character Animation
  • Best Character Design
  • Best Direction – TV/Media
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Storyboarding
  • Best Voice Acting – ‘Jinx’: Ella Purnell
  • Best Writing

In total, Netflix productions were awarded 20 out of 31 awards, including 9 of which belong to Arcane. It is hardly surprising. The series maintains a rating of 9.2 / 10 IMDb. The same as the world-famous animated series Rick and Morty. Fans will have to wait a while longer for the next Arcane season, however, as Riot Games announced that it will not be coming in 2022.