Presentation of skins and chromas from the latest Fright Night series from League of Legends

How do the latest cosmetic additions that have hit the League of Legends test server look like?

Fright Night skins have arrived on the test server. That several LoL heroes would receive skins with this theme has been known for some time. Today you can see their splash art, models, and chromas.

It doesn’t end there, of course. Another Ashen Knight has also been added to the PBE. According to the leaks, he is Sylas. His splash art and chroma can also be seen below.

Information about this year’s skin released on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup has also been confirmed, and it will be given to Azir. The skin will receive 4 colors.

It was also reported that the next chibi heroine in TFT will be Kai’Sa. In addition to her, several new Little Legends will be added to the game.

New cosmetic content

Splash art

Ashen Knight Sylas

Fright Night Annie

Fright Night Draven

Fright Night Urgot


Ashen Knight Sylas Emberwoken Chroma
Fright Night Annie
[8 chromas]
Fright Night Draven
[8 chromas]
Fright Night Nautilus
[8 chromas]
Fright Night Renata Glasc
[8 chromas]
Fright Night Trundle
[8 chromas]
Fright Night Urgot
[8 chromas]


Worlds 2022 Azir
[4 chromas]

Totem skin

TFT chibi champions

Chibi Kai’Sa
Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa

Little Legends

Infernal Hauntling


Elder Hauntling
Ocean Hauntling


Mountain Hauntling


Cloud Hauntling
Cloud Silverwing


Infernal Silverwing


Ocean Silverwing


Mountain Silverwing


Elder Silverwing