LoL players have reported a serious Rell bug since her release in every patch. Riot just found out about it

Rell bug in LoL that has existed since her release. Riot has just learned about it.

Rather, every LoL player knows that Riot is famous for, among other things, its communication with the community…. or rather, its frequent lack thereof. While it has often been the case that some elements of the game were changed after numerous comments and protests from players, these are quite rare situations.

Such is the case this time as well. LoL developers once again proved how often they look into players’ complaints and reports about the game’s bugs. Their interest is so high that only now have they found out about the bug concerning Rell, which has existed since her very launch. And let’s recall that the heroine came out in December 2020.

Rell bugged from release

The fact that there are bugs in League of Legends is pretty much known to everyone. Usually, they are insignificant or have little impact on gameplay bugs. Sometimes, however, there are the worse ones, spoiling gameplay, but they usually appear after a patch and are gone in the next one, because they are quickly fixed. Not counting a few exceptions that have occurred in recent months. Now it’s time for support Rell.

Players weren’t exactly thrilled about her release on the official servers. Riot had a similar approach, but this time it involved a serious bug. It was noticed only now, that is, after almost a year since she’s been in the game. In order to get the bug be known about, her mains needed a separate topic on Reddit, not one intended for such reports.

It was only then that the post was commented on by Rioter and he admitted that they did not know about the error earlier.

What is the bug in question? Namely Rell’s “E”, which doesn’t work as it should. If the heroine loses range with a tagged ally and clicks use of the skill, instead of a 2.75-second cooldown so that she can connect with another, the skill goes to CD as if it had been used correctly. This was shown in the video by the author of the post.


Perhaps now the mains of this character can breathe a sigh of relief. The bug was a nuisance and could spoil more than a few actions. However, we will have to wait for the fixes at least until the next update.