LS claims that SoloQ’s high level in LoL is not doing very well, and only Tyler1 saves it

According to LS, the highest-ranked at the big competitive level is dying, and only Tyler1 keeps it alive.

Yesterday, League of Legends players were shocked by the news that in Update 11.21, chat between teams will be disabled and only the one to talk to allies will remain, which is to somewhat resolve the toxicity issue.

Now one of the game’s legends has decided to bring up the topic of the ranked queue at the highest level, i.e. above the Master. Nick “LS” De Cesar says it is slowly dying and is being kept alive by the world-famous streamer Tyler1.

Tyler1 saves SoloQ

As probably every player knows, solo duo ranked queue is limited to a maximum of two players. However, above D1, we can only join the ranked ourselves. This means that when choosing ADC or SUPP, we have to prepare for a random ally from the line, which contributes to worse chemistry.

A streamer and commentator who works with both the LCS and the LCK spoke about this. In a YouTube podcast, he told how the lack of cooperation makes it difficult to play SoloQ at a high level.

High MMR solo queue is dying because there is no way to create shared content and pro players can’t play together. They can’t stream together, they can’t create content and things like that.


Streamers also say that this restriction is one of the stupider ideas a developer has, and therefore cannot play with other content creators, only solo.

Who is to save LoL on the largest streaming platform? This is none other than Tyler1. At least that’s what LS says.

When Tyler1 isn’t online on Twitch, the League category is almost dead for solo queue. There are few players with high MMR in the solo queue right now.

LS and Nemesis emphasize that this must change as soon as possible. They also believe that there is no alternative at the moment, as probably everyone knows the difference between the level of playing SoloQ and Flex.