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LoL streamer that Twitch could not have banned due to “immunity”

Turns out Twitch had special streamer lists that couldn’t be banned. The moderators simply did not have that power.

The Twitch leak not only showed how much streamers are earning but also revealed a lot of hitherto non-public documents. One of the lists shows which streamers had immunity from bans.

The moderators could not ban those streamers for specific reasons.

Who couldn’t Twitch just have banned?

From internal Twitch notes, you can read that the platform had its own list of streamers who had special considerations. Of course, they still had to follow the general rules of TTV, while some things were simply forgiven.

And so people found out that Tyler1 could be more aggressive than others. In the case of large abuses, a specific person had to be contacted before the ban. Next to the nickname Tyler1 there is the following entry:

Do not suspend, report escalation of violations to (mail).

“action_by_ID”:21812880,”username”:”loltyler1″,”reason”:”Do not suspend; escalate violations to (…)