Twitch streamer tells about her disturbing neighbor with whom something is clearly wrong

Maya, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, watched by over 500,000 people, told about her specific neighbor.

Neighbors can be a real nuisance. Streamers usually complain about nuisance noises, for example during many months of renovations. But sometimes there are neighbors who cause much weirder problems.

During one of her streams, Maya talked about a neighbor who calls her in the middle of the night, doesn’t answer, or does even weirder things after answering.

“You have the wrong number”

Maya recently told about her neighbor who has an alcohol problem. He’s also just weird. He often calls her at strange times, so as not to speak at all after answering.

Sometimes he calls and stops after a few times. Sometimes I only pick up and hear his breath. I picked up tonight because he called me about 4 times (…) he said nothing for a second and said “you have the wrong number”.

The neighbor maintained that the streamer had the wrong number to call her again from the same number in a moment.


People started asking why he was picking up at all, but the topic somehow just disappeared. This is definitely one of the weirder stories from Twitch, although the neighbor apparently does not know that the streamer is someone popular.