A new feature on Twitch has leaked which has caused quite a bit of controversy. Paying for a bigger audience

It’s something we heard about a few months ago but is only now starting to materialize.

The leaks about it were so unbelievable that hardly anyone mentioned it. Now, however, there is concrete information that Twitch is actually not so much considering it as is ready to make an announcement. What is going on?

Viewers would pay to make their streamer more “visible” by appearing in recommendations, on the home page, etc. The idea was very controversial and did not make streamers very happy.

Paying for the audience

This idea raises several problems. Little creators comment that this will completely bury them under popular creators. It is known that the biggest streamers will be distinguished in this way more often.

Moreover, it will be possible to artificially position your channel. It is enough that someone on the second computer will keep “boosting” the stream. Likewise with friends.

This may be a new way to promote your channels, but at the moment it is difficult to say whether TTV will finally decide to do so. At the moment, it is a leak of a possible feature that is highly criticized.

Twitch has a chance to see what the response will be after official announcements. Unless this function is changed in some way or regulated.