Twitch has unexpected competition. A popular service for adults allows to stream games

You can’t talk about the end of Twitch here, but it’s an interesting move from *aturbate.

One of the most popular 18+ webcam sites has introduced a new policy that allows you to stream games. Until now, it was forbidden to avoid possible legal problems.

The idea was that, for example, games aimed at younger people should not be displayed next to 18+ cameras. This could trigger controversy and attract unnecessary attention.

So what has changed?

*aturbate said it would open up to the gaming market, but with style. It’s not like you can play¬† Fortnite there. The website has introduced a very specific list to which only game developers can add.

What does it mean? Streaming of most games will still be banned, although the number of titles is actually growing dynamically. Most of them are, of course, 18+, so it is rather difficult to predict any competition for TTV here.

You can’t stream adult games on Twitch, so this could be a niche. On the other hand, it will definitely not be the main content of the website, because many of these productions are simply bad, unfinished, in Early Access. For now, the number of games approved is… 4.

For now, it should be treated more as a curiosity. Maybe if *aturbate decided to fully open up to games, it would be more interesting – the platform without much censorship in terms of published content would be something completely different from Twitch. However, it is worth remembering that 18+ websites do not mean that you can do whatever you want there, there are still specific rules.