Twitch has introduced a new ban feature that will surprise many

Twitch is a platform that is unique in many ways and is proving it more and more.

Twitch has a couple of solutions that, in retrospect, and the whole hate raid fight, seem pretty weird. For example, you can create many different accounts for only one e-mail address. For TTV, the most important thing is the nickname, not the e-mail.

Practically everywhere, one account is one e-mail address. On Twitch, you can still create accounts based on the same email. There is no need to explain to anyone how much it facilitates the registration of multi-accounts.

New ban feature

Just a few dozen hours after the announcement of additional chat user verification options, Twitch introduced a new feature. Now, when a person is banned, their e-mail address is also blocked.

Until now, it looked like the streamer was imposing a ban, and the viewer was making a new account with the same e-mail address as before. Now, however, the e-mail address will also be banned.

A small but very important detail. Hardly anyone even knew that it is possible to create several accounts with the same e-mail. The topic was repeatedly raised by streamers and it seems that Twitch finally decided to change it a bit.

Of course, you can still create multiple accounts by providing an identical email address for verification. Maybe this will be changed someday, but so far there is no indication of it.