Twitch chat will be available after verifying the phone number, if so chosen by the streamer

Streamers will get new options that will allow them to choose which users will be able to use the chat.

It is a direct consequence of the so-called “hate raids”. Streamers asked for the possibility of additional filtering of users in the chat and finally, it is already known what the basic functions will look like.

This will definitely make trolling difficult, but it can affect normal chat users as well. It is known that this is only the beginning and in the future, there will be more possibilities to filter people who will be able to contribute to specific channels.

What will change?

At the moment, there are two new functions. Streamers will be able to choose whether people in the chat have a verified email address or a verified phone number. Each of these two choices has additional options.

“Chat verification” will allow you to completely block the possibility of writing in a chat or a timed ban – for example, you can set that people without a verified phone number will be able to write after 3 weeks.

So far, the opinions about this are positive on the part of streamers and slightly negative on the part of viewers. Not everyone wants to confirm their accounts by providing a phone number.