10 minutes was enough for Riot to get scared and changed the information about disabling the chat. Even the Rioters are against it

Only 10 minutes of player feedback was enough for Riot to quietly announce that this was just a test. But it is not everything.

Yesterday, Riot surprised LoL players with the official announcement that in patch 11.21, general chat will be turned off in both ranked and regular matches. The decision was met with a lot of controversies, to which Riot decided to respond chaotically.

Only a dozen or so minutes after the /all information was released, one of the Rioters appeared on Reddit explaining that it was just a test. Then it was even funnier because the studio may completely withdraw from it. There are already entries about the survey.

It was to be expected

When it comes to the most important things that happened yesterday, we definitely have the information in the foreground that this is just a test that may end up admitting a mistake.

You can see how dissatisfied the players are with the situation. Later, entries criticizing this decision appeared on individual Rioter profiles. Yes, the Rioters have criticized Riot. Of course, everything has already been deleted.

Then it turned out that the studio wanted to introduce chat restrictions that would “work” for a few updates, then a poll would be conducted directly in the game and further decisions would be made.

The final version is that the poll may appear before patch 11.21, but here the versions blur as each Rioter provides different information.

This is all quite strange, but to be expected. Such a high level of criticism from players in the past has virtually always meant withdrawing from the announced changes. This time it may be similar. For now, the community is at the “test” stage.