Should LoL chat be available from a given honor level? An interesting idea of the players

The community had an interesting idea for a chat in League of Legends.

Probably everyone who has ever played LoL knows perfectly well that it is not difficult to find someone toxic who, instead of focusing on the game, will reprimand allies for their mistakes. The opponents also do not remain innocent, they are often insulted for being too lucky or their jungler liking them a bit too much.

While the general chat will be disabled in Update 10.21 and only the one to chat with allies will remain, players say there is a better way to access this feature based on a given Honor level.

Honor dependent chat

Yesterday, Riot informed the community that the chat for all players is about to end. We will only be able to talk to our allies. Therefore, the problem will be solved only indirectly, because according to the community’s opinion, most insults are directed at the allies.

Therefore, one of the Redditors came up with the idea that communication should only be possible from a given honor level.

The idea seems to be really good, while the chat from level 5 onwards seems unreal without any changes to the honor system. If it were to work from the level given by the player, then for half a season no one would say anything on it.

For this reason, commenters suggested that team chat should be available from the 3rd, and with opponents from the 4th level of honor. Of course, this solution has its drawbacks. The honor system is now dependent on bans, if a player is banned, the honor level drops to 0, but everyone knows you can be toxic and never be punished.

Will Riot bring this to the game? There is really a small chance, although the concept itself may provide developers with plans for the future. Especially since they want to change both honor and reduce toxicity.