A spectacular escape on Summoner’s Rift that will be hard to repeat. Lillia was avoiding the entire team

One of the players managed to escape from a group of opponents. How did they do it?

Every League of Legends player has probably experienced a spectacular escape from the opposing team at least once. These types of situations often happen by accident and sometimes it’s hard to believe that you survived a critical situation.

The number of mobile heroes in the game is huge and the developers are constantly increasing it. Characters can run away in many ways – by dashing, disappearing, jumping through walls or speeding up their movement speed in various ways.

Lillia’s escape

The player with the nickname Johnsley was incredibly lucky. There is a video on the web that starts with top lane action. You can see that Lillia is running away from the hostile Volibear. At some point, her health drops so low that she decides to use Flash. She does not know yet that in a moment she will have to run away from the entire opposing team.

The heroine goes down the river because she is unaware that there are several enemies waiting there. Whenever they see an easy target, they try to catch and kill her as quickly as possible. After a while, the character has to run away from the mass of incoming missiles. She is chased by Lee Sin, joined by Vex, Blitzcrank, and Jhin.

Lillia is constantly trying to attack enemies with her Q to keep the passive part of the skill active.

How does this spectacular chase end?


As you can see, despite the fact that the opponents really tried and used a lot of skills in the chase, Lillia came out alive. At the end of the chase, her teammates helped, although it must be admitted that the hero was doing really well when it comes to avoiding enemy projectiles.

These types of situations show that you must never give up because you can get out of even the most deplorable situation. It is enough to keep a cool head and hope for a bit of luck. Ultimately, the blue team won the game.