LoL players want the name “Grievous Wounds” to be changed. Is it too outdated?

One player suggested that the Grievous Wounds should be renamed. Many people liked the idea.

League of Legends is a game that keeps changing and growing. The creators try to update the older aspects of the title so that it does not bore players. Every season, a lot of new products are introduced, including new items, heroes, reworks, and so on.

One player drew attention to what he thinks is a very outdated and poorly fitting piece of the game. It’s about the name of a certain effect that is applied to the character. Should the developers refresh that?

Grievous Wounds in League of Legends

A player with the nickname Itayayay pointed out that the Grievous Wounds effect has a rather outdated and not very intuitive name. With this effect, the healing of the hero is weakened. Riot should change its name to “Healing Reduction”, according to the player. Why?

In my opinion, “Deep Wounds” should be ranemed to “Healing Reduction”.
Two things speak for it.

  1. Grievous Wounds used to be a a fixed percentage – so the name had value.

    1. In the past (before 2 years or so): Applying Grievous Wounds == Applying 40% healing reduction. The 40% reduction was part of the name.

    2. Now: we have items/abilities saying “apply 40% Grievous Wounds” or “Apply 60% Grievous Wounds”. This makes the special naming obsolete as it simply means “healing reduction” – without a constant number associated to it.

  2. Clarity wise, most other effects are intuitive.

    1. Airborne, slowed, stunned, rooted, etc’ are all very basic to understand intuitively. So is “Healing Reduction” compared to “Grievous Wounds”.

The author of the idea also noted that changing the name of the effect would be helpful for new players. In his opinion, a novice who sees an opponent that heals too much will want to look for an item that applies a healing reduction, not the one that deals Grievous Wounds.

The idea met with a considerable response. Commentators noted that most people use terms such as “reduction” and “anti-heal” anyway because they are more intuitive and generally understandable. Perhaps Riot will finally change the name of the applied effect, as it has refreshed the naming of various items over the years.