LoL players already know who will be the new heroine in LoL? Interesting theory that might turn out to be true

One of the players created an interesting theory about the new LoL support.

Some time ago, in the latest roadmap, there was a preview of a new League of Legends heroine. We don’t have much information about her at the moment, but the rudimentary information provided by the developers allowed the fans to create a really interesting theory.

The future champion has been linked to a character from Legends of Runterra, and interestingly enough, many elements fit well and it may actually turn out that it will soon go to LoL.

Theory straight from the LoL community

Rather, it should come as no surprise that fans of one of the biggest MOBA game in the world are creative and dedicated to production. Consequently, after each announcement, many of them try to solve the mystery and combine already existing information with the new ones. Legends of Runterra, a card game from Riot, in which there are definitely more heroes, works great for this purpose, and Riot itself has confirmed that some of them may go to LoL in the future.

A great example here is SoulArchdragon discovered by Redditor – Corin Veraza. With the help of well-crafted graphics, he presented several reasons why she could be a new support. Here is the presentation he did:

It all started with introducing her cards in Legends of Runeterra, of which she has several:

As we can see, it already has the theme of Battle Academia and Spirit Blossom, the famous skin series from League of Legends.

This is how Riot presented the new support in the roadmap:

Here are some reasons:

The sign on the roadmap is very similar to that of Zaun. Interestingly, Corina is one of the wealthy Chem-barons. So far, we have heard rumors that the new character will be Chem-baron.

Corina’s views on technology, people and strength also align with what we could read in the preview.

“…watching them kill the very ones they swore to protect.”

  • This may refer to the support and shooter roles. The task of the support is to protect the ADC.
  • This can also be related to the situation where the support takes down the opposing shooter.

Will Corina be a new character in the world of League of Legends? It is not known at the moment, but there is a really good chance for it. However, this information is not officially confirmed and let’s remember that this is just a fan theory.