Should there be a guild system in League of Legends? Such a feature will go to Wild Rift

In the mobile version of LoL, players will be able to join a guild.

Guilds, clubs, or clans are an important element of online games. Fans can join these types of groups to play together in good company, meet new people, complete missions together, and more. The guild system exists in many titles, and some of them also offer additional bonuses that you get by playing with people from your group.

In League of Legends, there was a system of clubs that allowed a certain number of people to get together. The club had its own name, as well as the tag that was displayed next to the player’s nickname. Unfortunately, many fans joined clubs only for the tag, which often meant that members did not know each other at all and did not interact at all. The clubs did not offer any extra bonuses, community development opportunities, and so on. Eventually, Riot removed the entire system.

It turns out that something similar will go to Wild Rift, but it will be refined and more interesting. It’s about guilds.

Guilds in League of Legends?

Many players associate guilds with MMO games, but this form of bringing people together exists in various titles. It turns out that this type of system will also go to the mobile version of LoL, i.e. Wild Rift.

As announced, guilds are not only a new version of clubs but also a way to introduce new interesting activities. Guild members will be able to team up to fight another group on complete missions from which they can receive various rewards.

Information about the introduction of guilds in Wild Rift quickly spread through the LoL community and sparked various discussions. Players began to wonder if such a system should also appear in League of Legends on PC.

The vision of missions and rewards for playing with your guild friends seems really interesting. Many players admit that they lack a system of associating people. Some people still miss clubs, even though they didn’t offer much.

Some commentators felt that the system could be even more developed and include, for example, player statistics. Inform in how many guild battles they took part in, what they achieved, what they distinguished themselves in. There are many possibilities.