A popular Minecraft YouTuber showed what his new girlfriend looks like

A popular British streamer has decided to show viewers what his partner looks like.

When it comes to famous influencers, fans are no longer only interested in what a person has become famous for, such as streaming a particular game. The more popular a particular streamer or youtuber becomes, viewers want to know more and more about him or her. They often ask about views, daily life, family, or love issues.

Whether a celebrity is in a relationship and with whom he or she is in it causes quite a stir and often considerable controversy. So it’s not surprising that quite a few viewers look forward to the moment when their favorite creator shares information about how his relationship status is going or shows his partner in front of the camera.

What does TommyInnit’s girlfriend look like?

Thomas Simons, better known as TommyInnit, is a popular streamer and YouTuber from the UK. Only 19 years old, the creator has earned a huge audience and, consequently, popularity and recognition. He became famous mainly for his videos about the game Minecraft. With the growth of subscribers, his fans also began to take an interest in his personal life, so also in the emotional sphere. In other words – they were interested in whether Tommy has a girlfriend, and if so – what she looks like or what her name is.

The streamer decided to show the face of his partner, which, of course, caused quite a stir among his viewers. The moment when her face was shown can be seen in the excerpt below.


This is just an excerpt from a longer video called “Minecraft, But My Girlfriend Face Reveals…” that appeared on Youtube. In the comments, it’s not hard to see that virtually everyone refers to the Youtuber’s other half or their relationship.

They really complement each other well. Tommy is chaotic and all, and she just sits quietly.

Many fans agreed with the above comment, as can be seen from its ratings. It’s also not the only comment that says the couple got along well.