One of Minecraft’s speedrunners lost his best time because of RNG. 1.8 million resets and time…

A hair’s breadth away from a world record. What went wrong in this Minecraft speedrun?

Minecraft is one of the most frequently speedrun games. On the website, which allows you to track the actions of players trying to break records, Minecraft currently has 720 active players who are competing for the best times in various categories. The most popular of these is certainly the one for random seed on the version newer than 1.16, which introduced the new Nether.

New strategies constantly contributed to improving times, and the subsequent approaches that hit the top of the rankings impressed with the fast times of individual actions or tricks used.

The speedrunner’s bad luck

Although the category that the player discussed in the post was competing for is a category with a random seed, resetting the approach until it is really promising has been used for a long time. After almost 1.8 million resets thecamo6 hit a seed that had great potential.

He entered the End in just 6 minutes 32 seconds, which promised a record time. The streamer started climbing one of the towers, with the goal of knocking down the dragon right there, before the dragon began to perch, i.e. descend under the portal. However, not everything went his way.


What exactly happened in the video was explained in detail by one of the commenters.

They’re using an advanced method of killing the dragon called zero cycle. this involves pearling on top of the tower and building blocks at certain heights to place beds. It basically removes the perching element entirely as instead of waiting for the dragon to come down you just go to the dragon. But in this case on this specific tower there is a very high chance that the dragon can just fly away. and that’s what happens here

However, the entire run was completed with an impressive time. Although it was not a record, thecamo6 won second place, completing the game in 8 minutes and 1 second. The complete run can be found on his Youtube channel. As an interesting note, just after completing the speedrun, he called his mom to boast about the result, who was really proud of her son.