AI learned how to play Minecraft. How well does artificial intelligence perform in a cubic world?

What is AI capable of doing in Minecraft?

The topic of AI comes up practically every day, so it was inevitable that sooner or later the worlds of artificial intelligence and Minecraft – one of the most popular games in the world – would encounter each other. The world is randomly generated, so there is no single correct way to progress in the game.

However, it is, of course, possible to use general goals, which artificial intelligence seems to take advantage of. How is it progressing through the game at this point, and what is it able to achieve?

AI plays Minecraft

Jim Fan, who is an artificial intelligence researcher at Nvidia, shared a post that shows what the GPT-4 engine is capable of when given free rein in Minecraft. The author wrote how Voyager is constantly learning the game’s cubic world.

I am happy to announce Voyager, the first lifelong learning agent to play Minecraft on his own. Voyager is constantly learning by writing, refining, validating, and downloading code from the skills library.

Voyager is quickly becoming an experienced explorer. He collects 3.3 times more unique items, travels 2.3 times more distances, and unlocks key milestones of the technology tree up to 15.3 times faster than previous methods.

A video has also been shared that demonstrates Voyager’s capabilities.


There’s no shortage of statements in the comments that poke fun at the topic, commenting that AI will soon be breaking records for beating Minecraft on time, defeating popular streamers such as xQc.