Physics in Minecraft can surprise you. Especially in the case of this particular item

The properties of one of Minecraft’s items are surprising the game’s community.

Minecraft fans are certainly aware that the physics in their favorite game is not among the most realistic. It’s hard to find any elements related to the real world in it.

Just consider the fact that ordinary gravity works only on individual blocks and elements. Still, there are things that can surprise much more than others, and one of them is how eggs work.

The amazing ability of turtle eggs

It’s about turtle eggs that appear on beaches. Mobs will be aggressive towards them and just stepping on them is enough to crush them. However, one player pointed out the surprising capabilities of the mentioned item. Harakiribeee shared a clip that shows what the eggs are capable of.


Despite their delicacy, as evidenced by how easily they are destroyed, the eggs are capable of destroying dozens of dragon eggs and even anvils. A huge number of comments appeared under the post, and most of them jokingly tried to explain why how resilient yet delicate turtle eggs are.

Steve is capable of carrying around more than 45M kg of gold blocks, his incredible muscles weigh more than all those anvils combined

This is not the first and most likely not the last time Minecraft fans have encountered something that defies logic. The game from Mojang is governed by its own rules and has been so for years. Nobody seems to be bothered by this, and to the distinctive rules of the game, fans have grown accustomed. Nevertheless, the comparison, as in the clip seen above, can be interesting and entertaining, as the comments that appeared under it show.