Dream, a popular Minecraft YouTuber, released something like this for $50 and is now heavily criticized

One of Minecraft’s popular YouTubers has launched a new product on his store. This one did not meet with a very good reception.

Dream is by far one of the most popular people in the Youtube world. He is followed by more than 31 million people, and the number of subs is growing all the time. Recently, the YouTuber introduced a certain novelty in his store, which did not necessarily please his viewers.

The plushie costs $50. “Dream Blob” is a very simple-shaped product that doesn’t have any amazing elements in total. From the specifications, it is known to be more than 22 centimeters.

And this is where the problem arises

According to Dream’s viewers, $50 for this type of plush is far too much. On top of that, you still have to add shipping.

On Twitter, a massive complaint immediately began. Dream has a very difficult community, so no one was surprised. There were even special videos created about it:

The YouTuber himself in this video compared the plushie to Funko Pops, saying that this is even worse than them. It is known that Funko Pops have their own disadvantages, but their price is also definitely lower.

Dream did not respond and is unlikely to do so.