A Minecraft skeleton strenuously tried to knock down a baby turtle. A video of his efforts amused players

The Minecraft turtle shows how to protect yourself from the skeleton’s arrows.

The world of Minecraft is really expansive and during the exploration, you can encounter both many structures and creatures. Some of them will be aggressive, while others will be friendly or neutral to the player. Minecraft adventures are also made unique by the randomly generated world and simply random events that can happen to you as you explore the world.

One player shared a clip that depicts a situation with a skeleton on a spider who was strenuously trying to shoot a small turtle. His efforts were all for naught, however, and the fierceness made the attempt funny enough to gain some real popularity online.

A skeleton’s fight with a turtle

Turtles in Minecraft are passive creatures that can usually be encountered near water. However, aggressive mobs treat them similarly to the player and try to attack them. A user with the nickname Vrail_Nightviper encountered a skeleton riding a spider that tried to shoot a small turtle. However, the task turned out to be more difficult than it might seem.


The skeleton could not bend lower to hit the turtle, which was simply standing too close to it. The number of shots shows how long the mob tried to hit the animal. After some time, however, he succeeded – then a player stepped in to rescue the turtle.

The above video quickly garnered nearly 20,000 positive reviews, and in the comments section, there were questions about what the turtle did to upset the skeleton so much.