A perfectly cut clip from Minecraft. The player literally flew into space

Minecraft’s Iron Golem threw one player straight into the clouds.

Minecraft is a game that needs no introduction to anyone. Mojang’s production is high on the list of best-selling games ever, so it’s no surprise that a lot of interesting content is popping up in the huge community. Some fans share something they have managed to create, such as builds or complex layouts from Redstone, while others post funny videos.

What went wrong?

Iron Golem is one of the more distinctive creatures found in Minecraft. Quite a few graphics have been created with them, and a user with the nickname C0ll4t3r4lD4m4g3 shows a great clip in which the mob makes the player fly high into the air.


Although Iron Golem is not aggressive towards the player, when attacked first, it will defend itself. The Mob drops iron, which is really important in the early stages of the game, and a trick that involves building a turret so you can’t be hit allows you to simply acquire a few bars.

In the clip above, however, you can see that all it takes is the destruction of a single block for the golem to reach the player. The distinctive attack quickly sent him high into the clouds, and clipping at the perfect moment, the video quickly gathered a mass of positive reactions.