Amazing route built of ice on which you can ride a boat in Minecraft

Mods make one player’s ice track gain new capabilities.

The fact that a boat can reach truly impressive speeds on ice was discovered some time ago. Some players used this information to create highways that allowed them to cover longer distances at incredible speeds, while others decided to exploit the potential of the new mode of transportation in an even different way, building tracks on which to race.

This time, one user created a track that deserves a mention. Just getting to the finish line can be considered a success, and the spectacular views and mechanics used, make even watching the clip that depicts the ride extremely satisfying.

Great track made of ice

A user with the nickname RimeSpark has shared a short video, which shows a ride through the ice track he built, on which you can slide a boat. However, it is not ordinary, as reaching the finish line is not one of the easiest tasks – the path is narrow and there are no barriers, for example. Combined with the speed developed, it is not difficult to fall off the track.


It can be noted that the player is able to, among other things, drive up a hill created from blocks, or maintain speed while jumping. Unfortunately, this is only possible with a modification, although as one commenting user pointed out in an update that was released on the occasion of April Fools’ Day (What appeared in Minecraft’s April Fools’ Day update? New features released on the occasion of April 1) the boat was able to climb.

Minecraft fans never cease to amaze with their creativity, and the credit goes to Mojang’s updates, which ensure that fans of the game constantly find something to enjoy the gameplay.