What does Riot pay attention to when designing new characters for LoL? We do this hundreds of times every game

Rioter on creating new characters for League of Legends.

Designing and creating a new hero is not that easy. Besides coming up with original skills, looks, and interactions, there is something else that is really important that many of us forget about.

These are the basic activities that nearly every character must do. Riot August decided to explain it, giving some interesting examples.

The basic part of a hero

One of the most important employees of Riot Games referred to the design of new characters. He focused his attention on the basic activities that each of us repeats hundreds of times.

Of course, we are talking about auto-attacking, walking, and eliminating monsters and minions.

He also gave a few examples that show perfectly what solutions the designers used.

Jhin’s slower basic attacks were slow compared to other marksmen, which made many players feel that he was not a character for them. Getting the right animation, sounds, and casting time scaling made it so much more accessible.

Jhin’s reload, due to CS’ing, felt much worse before we added the Q to his kit. Giving him a spell to last hit with while reloading shifted the feel of the experience away from “punishment that stops me getting minions” to “fun minion collecting optimization game.”

Ezreal Q (Mystic Shot) is an INCREDIBLE spell for many reasons, but one of the simple things it does well is make it fun to last hit since you can weave it between his autos. AA one minion, Q the next one (which gives you AS), then AA a third. Or just CS at range. Feels great.

On top of that, Riot August also mentioned Senna, one of the reasons why she is able to use Q through wards is that she wears them really often due to being a support. He also touched on the issue of base AD, which as you probably know, is sometimes decreased or increased, but this affects not only the damage we deal to opponents but also the last hits.

There’s certain AD thresholds where you start to just miss random last hits that you feel you should have gotten and its ROUGH.

While this is just the tip of the iceberg that employees have to overcome before releasing a new champion, it shows that their job is not that easy, even with “200 years of experience”.