A professional Korean LoL player – ShowMaker – spoke frankly about one of the European servers

Playing rankeds on the EUW server was a traumatic experience for one of the professional players.

There have been many problems with this year’s League of Legends World Cup. Initially, they were to take place in China, but the complicated situation in the world thwarted the plans of the creators and players. The event was moved and initially, no one knew exactly where it would be. There was, among others, bets on France. It has been known for several days that the final of the World Championship 2021 will take place in Iceland.

The creators announced that the finale of the event will start on October 5 and end on October 6. Iceland also hosted MSI 2021, so many pro players now have another chance to return to the country for an even bigger League of Legends tournament.

Does playing on the EUW server shock and stress Asian e-sportsmen?

Of course, in preparation for MSI 2021, players from other regions had to play ranked matches on the EUW server as part of training. For ShowMaker, the solo queue on this server was a traumatic experience.

ShowMaker, or actually Heo Su, is a 21-year-old professional player from South Korea. Currently playing for DWG KIA. In an interview with KORIZON Esports, when asked about his impressions from the EUW server, the player sighs, shakes his head slightly, and pauses.

Of course, the Korean laughs and a moment later describes the differences between European servers and what can be seen in Korea. In his opinion, the EUW Server has a lot of weird styles.

Player’s face after being asked about soloQ impressions on EUW.

When asked why he was so stressed about playing in Europe, the player admitted that Europeans have a different approach to the game. At EUW, he met many Karthus, Xerath, AD Sion, and even OTP Aurelion Sol. He also joked that he happened to play against a very aggressive OTP Sona who picked the Dark Harvest and built the Kircheis Shard.

By comparison, when he played on Chinese servers, he met more assassins like Talon and Qiyana.

The fact that soloQ in Europe is specific to Korean (and Asian in general) gamers has become the subject of many memes. Players laugh that Asians are not ready for European quirks and unusual styles of play and strange strange character mains known from ranked games.

Ultimately, however, contact with the EUW server can be very developing and can change the thinking of Asian professionals a bit.