After mini-work, Sona became the best support in League of Legends

How is Sona doing after the mini-rework? It turns out that she is currently the best support character.

Sona is a heroine who appeared on Summoner’s Rift over a decade ago (she celebrates her 11th birthday soon). During this time, she has gained a lot of devoted fans. Unfortunately, 2020 was not the best year for her, because Seraphine appeared in the game and quickly overshadowed the older heroine. Gamers joked that the new character is a better version of Sona and no one will play “the original” anymore.

The creators, however, did not want the good old Sona to be forgotten. Her fans would feel really bad about it. In their time, they even claimed that Seraphine, instead of a character, could be Sona’s rework. As it turned out later, Riot already had some plans in this regard.

The success of Sona’s mini-rework

In patch 11.16, a small Sona’s makeover appeared on the servers, which was supposed to bring the heroine back to the meta. It is worth recalling what exactly has changed:


NEW ACCELERANDO: Sona’s basic abilities grant her permanent Accelerando stacks. She gains +.5 non-ultimate ability haste per stack, up to 60 non-ultimate ability haste. Once she reaches 60 non-ultimate ability haste, instead of gaining additional Accelerando stacks, her ultimate ability’s current cooldown reduces by 1.5 seconds each time she would gain an Accelerando stack.
NEW HOLD THAT NOTE: Now persists through revives (such as Zilean’s ult and Guardian Angel)


COST 75/80/85/90/95 mana  50/55/60/65/70 mana
NEW EVERY BOLT YOU TAKE: Now grants a stack of Accelerando for each bolt that hits an enemy champion
REMOVED AURA MANA REFUND: Granting an ally Hymn of Valor’s aura no longer refunds 30 mana per cast


COST 105/110/115/120/125 mana  80/85/90/95/100 mana
NEW EVERY SHIELD YOU MAKE: Aria of Perserverance’s aura now grants a stack of Accelerando each you time you heal another injured ally or prevent at least 25-125 damage from another ally with the aura’s shields
REMOVED AURA MANA REFUND: Granting an ally Aria of Perserverance’s aura no longer refunds 30 mana per cast


COST 90 mana  65 mana
REMOVED AURA MANA REFUND: Granting an ally Song of Celerity’s aura no longer refunds 30 mana per cast


REMOVED ABILITY COOLDOWN REDUCTION: No longer reduces Sona’s basic abilities
NEW I’LL BE WATCHING YOU Hits champions  Hits champions, minions, and monsters

How did the changes affect the heroine? Interest in Sona grew quickly, and her fans noticed that rework was working well for her. From week to week, the character climbed in the ranking until she managed to reach the honorable first place. Currently, it is the best support, winning over 54% of games.

On the website you can read that Sona is currently in the S + tier, and her pick ratio is 5.66% in the Platinum + divisions.

In terms of the number of games won, she is in first place in the list of supporting heroes and in first place in terms of the overall ranking in the game. This is an amazing result.

Supports ranking
Overall ranking

As you can see, the mini-work of the heroine turned out to be a huge success and, from a forgotten character, she became a real support queen.

Thanks to the lower cooldown of skills, Sona can cast them incredibly quickly, which is useful for both her and the entire team. The heroine not only protects her allies and speeds them up, but is also good at hitting enemies.

With her current win rate so high, fans can expect the inevitable nerfs. So far, it is not known how Riot will balance the heroine.