Serious bugs in patch 11.18 in LoL. They concern Mundo, Janna, Qiyana, Singed, Taliyah and Predator

Bugs in Update 11.18.

On Wednesday, Update 18 this season has been released on League of Legends servers, and it is also the first of two patches that are adapted to Worlds 2021. This means that Riot is changing heroes mainly for professionals.

Unfortunately, there were some minor issues and a few heroes suffered from bugs. Errors hit Qiyane, Singed, Taliyah, Janna, Dr. Mundo, and the Predator rune. When will it be fixed?

Patch 11.18 – bugs

Riot Jag informed the community about issues in League of Legends that hit the game with Update 11.18. It turns out that there are quite a few of them, and some of them can have a serious impact on the course of the match.


After the changes, his R was supposed to apply the Grievous Wounds effect on all of his abilities. However, it only works on “Q” at the moment. However, if it disturbs the players, the developers will change it as originally assumed.


Her E + Q combo and R missed the target as originally assumed by its mechanic. This will be fixed in the patch for Update 11.18, which should be coming to the servers soon.


The second bug that has also been fixed in the hotfix is that Janna’s W is not “sticking” properly.


Yasuo’s apprentice has two bugs, one of which has already been resolved, while the other is still being worked on. Unfortunately, Riot Jag has not communicated what they are about.


Although it got a buffed, the description does not include it. This will be fixed in the next update 11.19, which will be officially released on June 22nd.