How was Vex splash art from LoL created? Early versions of the portrait of the newest heroine

The creator of Vex’s portrait shared the process of creating it with players.

Vex, the newest character from League of Legends, has been the number one topic for the LoL community for a few days now, and fans have been following all the news related to her. Until yesterday, no one really knew her skills, and only a few days ago, her final appearance and the first skin were revealed.

Vex delighted the fans and many people say that they will definitely main her. The players appreciated the selected colors and the way the heroine was presented in her graphics.

Some, however, wonder how exactly her basic portrait was created. Did the character immediately sit in the same pose, or did she look completely different? It turns out that the creator considered completely different shots. Did he pick the best?

Vex’s splash art from League of Legends

The author of the splash is Horace Hsu, a freelancer from Canada who previously worked on other League of Legends splashes, e.g. Sugar Rush Zilean, Hextech Ziggs, Sentinel Graves, Blood Moon Sivir, Spirit Blossom Kindred, or the April Fools 2019 event graphics (dogs vs. cats).

In the description of the artwork, the author admitted that it was his favorite splash art to create. During the drawing process, he had a really good time and the work was going very smoothly.

Horace wrote:

Overall I’m happy I got the opportunity to paint a yordle base splash since it’s probably going to be a -long- while before another yordle comes out.